Journalist turned celebrity publicist, Liz Derringer has undoubtedly created a high profile name and noteworthy reputation within Public Relations due to her intense passion, and drive. Throughout her extensive career, Derringer has ignited buzz and shared the limelight with some of the world’s greatest cultural icons. From football legend Joe Montana to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Steven Tyler, Derringer has indulged herself in all facets of entertainment, forming strong bonds and developing creative campaigns that are unique to each client. She has worked with world leaders including six United States Presidents to Mikhail Gorbachev and the late Prince Rainier of Monaco. “I view clients just as I view puzzles. You cannot have one approach and use it for every client. Each project is different and must be handled delicately so it is important to piece together what works for each of them.” It is this very mentality that has allowed Derringer to reap the benefits of her amazing attention to detail, strategic planning, and exceptional follow through. She has developed a reputation for consistently going beyond what is expected and required.

        Although Derringer is well-known for her outgoing personality, effective inter-personal skills, and acute business sense, she humbly attributes much of her success to the friends she has made along the way. Among them are famed Pop Artists the late Andy Warhol and Peter Max, former President of the Grammy’s Michael Greene, NBC TV’s Senior Vice-President of Promotion, Frank Radice and international Supermodels Rosie Vela and Jerry Hall. However, Derringer’s premier network stemmed through her marriage to one of rock’s great guitar legends, Rick Derringer, with whom she traveled with extensively, getting to know many of entertainment’s finest. The rock life became of great interest to Derringer and ultimately with encouragement from Andy Warhol, who started Interview Magazine, enticed her to interview some of the biggest stars of the day, from Mick Jagger and Peter Gabriel to Jimmy Page and Sting. Her likable, outgoing demeanor and natural ability to incite good conversation captured major attention which eventually led to a career conducting interviews for some of the nation’s leading publications such as Interview Magazine, Playboy, and The New York Daily News. The reputation she gained catapulted into her own a position as a music reporter for CNN.

        After a substantial run in journalism, Derringer decided to try her hand in public relations. However, the transition was not nearly as difficult for Derringer as it would have been for most mainly for the fact that she could pull many of the resources and contacts that she had secured as a journalist. “Journalism is not so different from PR. In journalism as in PR, relationships and friendships are key. You then have a network of friends who can then plug you in with their friends, and before long you have an entire network of friends working together to get the job done.” Traveling the world has only broadened Derringer’s extensive list of acquaintances in the industry, thus allowing her to be involved in some of the nation’s biggest, most highly publicized events such as the Grammy Awards, the USA World Cup, the Super Bowl, the Republican National Convention and the Olympic and Special Olympic Games.

        Derringer’s results-driven commitment to her clients has not only enhanced her ability to play the game, but has also enabled her to succeed where others have failed. One of Derringer’s greatest assets is her ability to conjure up high profile celebrities to host events for clients whether it be Liza Minnelli, football star Tiki Barber or Donald Trump just to name a few. Recently, celebrity photographer and Music Video Director Russell Young, displayed his “Pig Portraits” alongside TV Personality Kelly Ripa due to Derringer’s flair for finding events where her clients can reveal their talents to mainstream culture.

        Derringer is constantly in pursuit of new opportunity to showcase her clients; “No matter where I am, whether it be a party, a conference, or the grocery store, I always have my eyes wide open. Some people would see this as a burden, but I don’t. It’s fun for me.” Derringer’s fun, yet professional outlook is often what compels clients to choose her as their publicist. From arranging a White House visit with President George W. Bush for an artist client to a young singer performing at the Patti LaBelle Tribute in New York City and heightening the exposure of fashion supermodel Petra Nemcova to conducting media events for New York’s own Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, Derringer has secured her position as a powerhouse in this business. Through her extensive array of accomplishments, she has proven that hard work and dedication delivers great rewards. According to Derringer, “There’s nothing better than a good party after you’ve just poured your heart and soul into a project. There’s nothing better.”


Mick Jagger
Rod Stewart
Hall and Oates
Stevie Nicks
Motley Crue
Debbie Harry
Jerry Hall
Linda Blair
Steely Dan